Christians for a United Community [CUC] is an interdenominational, multi-ethnic organization of churches, lay people and clergy who share a common commitment to Jesus and His vision of justice, peace, reconciliation and non-violent social change.

Started in 2003 as a non profit organization, we address the root causes of racism and racial disparity through policy advocacy on issues of racial justice, dismantling racism workshops and trainings, and inter-racial relationship building.

The structure of Christians For A United Community consists of a Board of Directors, a Steering Committee made up of representatives from our Mission Partner Churches, and project teams which carry out the three threads of our work: The Advocacy Ministry Team, The Dismantling Racism Ministry Team, and the Fellowship Ministry Team.

Over the ten years of our existence, CUC has been a part of the Asheville Living Wage Campaign, has volunteered with the Asheville City Schools AVID program, has been a participant in the YWCA’s Stand Against Racism, and has sponsored or co-sponsored several community forums and worship services.

In 2013 CUC began a partnership with the Randolph School in Asheville which will involve tutoring, advocacy work, and providing dismantling racism trainings for the staff..